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About Laura

Laura Perkins Wright

I’ve been working professionally in public relations, public affairs, advertising and corporate communications for more than 15 years. While I’ve worked with clients in virtually every sector, I’ve made a specialty of complex, often difficult topics — ideas that can make the typical humanities major recoil.

I’m pretty laid back, with a dry sense of humor. But I work hard, listen carefully and shoot straight. I research my topics thoroughly, and while I always keep your confidences, I won’t hesitate to point out potential problems when they arise.

I’ve worked for at least 120 separate clients in most every industry. In addition to my science and technology clients, I have written extensively for the legal, energy, telecommunications, healthcare, financial, manufacturing, education and retail sectors. This experience gives me a well-rounded perspective of the marketplace and the priorities of decision-makers and opinion leaders.

On a personal note: I’m not representing my clients’ interests simply for a living (although I do appreciate that). I honestly want to help people who have something valuable to offer the world bring their ideas forward.

I’m a native Texan from a family of writers. My husband is a writer, and we are currently rearing two future writers. I’ll let you know when they are available.