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Public Relations

What Is Public Relations, Anyway?

Public relations is the process of getting the attention of the decision makers you choose. They may include investment firms, military acquisition officers, private-practice physicians, food technologists or homemakers.

One way to reach these individuals is identifying websites, magazines, talk shows, newspapers and other media they consume and getting those media to report on your company, product or service.

This is far less expensive than advertising and more effective. PR gives you a distinct advantage that advertising can’t: third-party validation.

Prospective customers know that reporters have a choice of what to write, and when they see an article on the advantages of your product or see you quoted as an expert in your field, they are more likely to come away with a positive impression. Third-party validation equals credibility. The more you are cited in the media, the more credible you become.

Is it easy to get the media to cover you? Not in my experience. It takes writing talent specific to media relations and an understanding of what constitutes news for individual outlets. And it takes the ability to “find” your interesting story when no news appears to be taking place.

Should you be interested in PR? It depends on what you want to achieve, but here are some common motivations:

  • Get third-party validation as a desirable business partner, investment or product/service provider from respected reporters/bloggers and others in the media followed by your target customers.
  • Increase name recognition to warm the sale process.
  • Generate calls and increase website traffic.
  • Increase your website ranking by search engines.
  • Place articles written by your own management (or ghostwritten by Laura) in highly targeted media, to increase their recognition as opinion leaders.
  • Ensure the messages used on your website, in collateral materials and by your employees are consistent and clearly communicate your business policies and the benefits of your product or service.
  • Identify and secure speaking and trade show opportunities.
  • Keep current customers aware of emerging products and services, sales and other events.
  • Attract new investors and keep existing investors engaged in your business success.
  • Build your brand power to position yourself for acquisition.
  • Plan and execute promotional events.
  • Keep employees and shareholders aware of new developments.
  • Protect your reputation in case of an emergency.